Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Work with Eplan Electric

Have you ever worked with this product? Today we will stop on the first aspect!
Any opinions, suggestions and experience is very welcome!
You can use Eplan for all these: 
Food & Beverage
Machine Tool Engineering
Oil and Gas
Panel Building
Power Engineering
Railway systems
Steel & Metal
Water & wastewater treatment

The demands placed on the automotive industry have risen sharply: Lighter vehicles, an increasingly wide range of models and top quality are required for this market worldwide. The intelligent functions in automobiles are continually increasing via extensive assistance systems and IT integration; including smart phone integration, intelligent consumption optimization, automatic braking and steering systems. In addition, engineering faces several challenges; short product life cycles, reduced SOP (Start of Production) deadlines, faster commissioning and provision of high availability. Therefore, from the view point of the end customer, numerous and increasingly complex equipment options need to be configured individually and mapped within the framework of a flexible standardization process. This method insures that as many product variants as possible run smoothly through the production process, in order to avoid expensive tooling times.
For effective Plant engineering in the production process, digital factory planning is vital. 3D prototype simulation, virtual commissioning, the simulation of diverse variants and module system kits are typical parameters that have a decisive effect on the engineering workflow. Furthermore, the time required for planning new factories, to the start of production, has reduced from around 30 months to less than 18 months now. In the manufacturing process, production data is combined centrally in ERP, PDM and PLM systems, while relevant data is stored automatically in maintenance and servicing programs like CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems).

The right partner for you: EPLAN Software & Service
EPLAN Software & Service offers you tried and tested solutions for the automotive industry and their suppliers. The EPLAN Platform provides a consistent and continuous data exchange between the supplier allowing standardized production plants to be planned and operating in record time. EPLAN provides the optimal tool to enable standardized production to be planned uniformly worldwide, while using the EPLAN engineering center to account for local standards and directives. Up-to-date, consistent and uniform documentation is required to ensure smooth, trouble-free plant operation. This may include a uniform data format in schematic documents or standardized device designations and project structure. Therefore, it is increasingly important to have up to date schematic documents as modifications take place. In order to meet these requirements, EPLAN ensures optimal integration in existing system landscape through the ERP/PDM Integration Suite, thus creating a uniform basis for the entire process chain. 

Time, cost and quality are in equilibrium with EPLAN:
  • Access to standard blocks speeds up the costing and offer phase.
  • EPLAN offers flexible mapping of product variety through standardization and reduction of manual engineering work. This ensures that increased product variety does not conflict with complex engineering requirements for optimal production utilisation.
  • Interfaces to ERP, PDM, PLM and CMMS systems allow a continuous and consistent data exchange
  • Project-specific costs are reduced significantly through the development of flexible standards: Tried and tested standard components are used, considerably reducing errors.
  • The consistent mechatronical workflow eliminates multiple entry of data and unites mechanical and electrical engineering.

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