четвъртък, 27 април 2017 г.

Have you been to Perperikon?

We continue with the treasures of Bulgaria! Messages from the beginning of time - Perperikon! Watch the video about it and feel how ancient it is! One of the oldest place on Earth!

вторник, 25 април 2017 г.

Have you been to Rila Monastery?

The highest mountain on the Balkans peninsula - Rila, hides the most beautiful and historical monastery on these lands - the Rila monastery! Watch this video for sure! :)

четвъртък, 20 април 2017 г.

Haskovo - the town of Bogoroditsa!

Hi! The next stop in our world trip is still around Bulgaria, but soon we will go abroad. This is Haskovo, the town of Bogoroditsa. It is located south from Stara Zagora. The monument of Bogoroditsa is in Guiness' book!

вторник, 18 април 2017 г.

Do you know Stara Planina(Balkan Mountains)?

Hello and Happy Easter! Today I will show you the mountain, on which name is named the whole Balkan peninsula. This is Stara Planina or Balkan Mountains. It is located all along the country of Bulgaria, its highhest peak is Botev. Watch the video to see more.

вторник, 11 април 2017 г.

Do you like the Hymn of Strandja Mountain?

Strandja mountain has always been carrying the great Bulgarian spirit. Listen to its hymn - Clear moon has now come and feel this spirit. You may also visit this great nature or take a look at my other two websites!

петък, 7 април 2017 г.

What exactly are the Amazing Rocks?

Good day travellers! The next stop of our great Bulgarian journey is on Tsonevo dam, where the Amazing Rocks are located. These are astonishing rock creatures so watch the video to see. Enjoy! :)

сряда, 5 април 2017 г.

Wanna travel to visit Veliki Preslav?

Greetings! Last time we talked about the first capital of Bulgarian Empire. This time on the mark is the second capital of Bulgarian Empire - Preslav, or now called - Veliki Preslav. Watch both parts for this place, absorbed with great history within.