събота, 12 август 2017 г.

четвъртък, 10 август 2017 г.

A trip to The Solomon Islands!

Last time we was in Bulgaria for a quick peek to Black Sea's view. Today we are heading loong long away to Solomon Islands, located near Fiji and New Caledonia. Summer rest beach destinations never end here! Take a look at this great place by viewing the video.

вторник, 8 август 2017 г.

Jump to Irakli beach, Bulgaria!

After jumping from one island to another near Australia, we will go back for a while to Bulgaria, especially to Irakli beach. It is south of Obzor, where we stopped our summer tour last year. You must visit this beautiful beach with gourgous nature. Watch it!

четвъртък, 3 август 2017 г.

You need a Fiji Vacation?

Have you watched "The Truman Show" movie? You must watch it, but I will post about it on my movie website, visit it. In this movie Jim Carey wants to go to Fiji as a dream. Today we will also go there to see its nature and people. Enjoy!

вторник, 1 август 2017 г.

New Caledonia Tourism - A World Apart!

It is summer, fellows! That is why I "hit" so many warm, hot, island, ocean destinations, where we all can relax! We continue our world trip to New Caledonia, another great place with lots of beaches to chill on them, swim in the waves and drink cocktails! :)

четвъртък, 27 юли 2017 г.

Go to Brisbane on a Vacation?

The australian tour never ends, people! We visited Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney and now we go a little north to Brisbane, popular with the first tennis tournament of the year, every year. Take a look at the guide.

сряда, 26 юли 2017 г.

Have you ever been to Sydney?

After Tasmania and Melbourne, our Australia trip continues with another beautiful city - Sydney! Great ocean view, nature around and more can be seen in this video guide. Enjoy! :)